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Who is f/go?

Welcome to f/go. I'm Steve Kotvis, the guy on the backside of the camera lens of all these photos. After a career spanning multiple industries, I am fortunate enough to now be able to focus on visual storytelling. I've been shooting and publishing photos on this web site since February 2008. f/go was established as a platform to celebrate and encourage the power of sport in creating supportive, developmental, healthy and even in some cases virtually life-changing communities.

Participating in sport whether recreational or competitive is special. It builds a sense of identity, belonging, expectations, accountability, responsibility, abilities, and confidence. It teaches trust, respect, and reliance. And sport helps us live more healthy, happy, and balanced lifestyles. Personally, I made so many friends through sports activities, stimulating curiosity and creativity. 

Establish Quality and Credibility

One of the first objectives to covering sport was to determine if what was being delivered was up to par with professional media standards. So in the first few years, I covered sports for other media entities. Shooting professional sports, including MLB, NHL, NFL, NCAA D-1 regular season and national championship events, getting images published in national media such as Sports Illustrated and Time magazine, having photos published in local media including Minneapolis Star Tribune and various professional online media sources, yeah that gave me the thumbs up. It affirmed that I could shoot in the big leagues. And as exciting as that is, especially when I stood with a couple of Minnesota Twins who give me their personal emails so I would send them a shot or two in the dugout, well that wasn't quite all I was looking to accomplish. 

Focus on Youth

At it's heart, f/go is focused on urban youth, especially those who may lack positive feedback that others may sometimes take for granted. For example, what does it say when one team has a radio broadcast team follow them around from game to game when another never gets a single line in the media? Why do some student athletes have premier workout and sports complexes and others make due with makeshift facilities? And what does that say to each of those students with regard to how they are valued? So in some small way, f/go exists to help fill that void, to express positive encouragement, to demonstrate that all youth are not beyond our scope of caring and encouragement. All youth need to see themselves in a positive light to develop a healthy sense of self-identity. 

We sponsor high school sport through providing the best of what we are able to Minneapolis schools, their yearbooks, and team booster clubs.  Some members of the f/go community take advantage of our offering photo prints for personal use.

Covering Adult Amateur Sport

As a sports enthusiast, I've enjoyed a wide range of sports but resigned to never being able to achieve beyond a B+ competitive level, I have enjoyed being a part of the amateur communities that surround sports. And I've also witnessed that organizations and support are often in need, and promoting sport often helps build participation and resources. So when school is out, the summer shooting schedule often gets filled with covering Ultimate (Frisbee) and Bike Racing.  

Online Media with Advertising in Possible Future

f/go was created to function primarily as an online media entity. While some people have an interest in purchasing photos for personal use, and this is very much appreciated, the business model is not primarily about selling photos. It is about generating online traffic and functioning as a bona fide online media entity.

Today, we've grown to an average 1.2 million photo views each month. That's about 40,000 per day! Our newly designed web site is built with the idea of attracting potential advertisers so that we may continue to cover sports and generate some income along the way. If you or anyone you know has an interest in advertising on f/go, please contact me. 

Beyond Sport

Interested in what Steve does with his camera in his spare time? Check out

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